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“I never thought  breastfeeding would be such a big struggle for me”

Download my Guide to find out if your baby has a tongue or lip tie.

I’ll also share the #1 tool, that I use help moms just like you!

Are you sturggling to breastfeed? Do you feel like something just isn’t quite right? Have your concerns been brushed aside by your Physican and your Lactation Consultant?

I’ve been there before. Twice actually! I know exactly what it’s like struggling to breastfeed and nobody able to tell me why! 

“I wanted nothing more than to be able to breastfeed my baby”

I remember sleeping in my nursing chair with my son tucked tightly in my arms. Nursing him all night. Every night! 

  • Feeling like he was chewing my nipple
  • Having him slide off my breast and choke on my milk
  • Him constantly falling asleep on my breast
  • Hovering on the low end of the growth chart
  • Constantly wondering if he was getting enough milk
  • Bloated, gassy, and labelled as “colicky”
  • Useing a nipple shield and pumping to give my cracked, sore nipples a break 

I was scared to nurse in public, because my son would fuss, choke, and cry. It actually made me dread getting out of the house.

Meanwhile, the dishes started stacking up on my kitchen counter. I hadn’t done the floors in weeks, and somehow I just couldn’t manage to put a square meal on the table for the life of me! 

I felt like a complete failure as a new mom. 

Honestly, it even made me jelous at other moms, who were able to nurse their babies. Nurse them so effortlessly! 

It was gut-wrenching, especially because I knew so much about the health benefits of breastfeeding, and I wanted to give my baby the best possible start to life!

“I felt like a complete failure”

I went from being a brand new mom, who was slowely getting driven to the edge of physical exhaustion and mental sanity, to finally understanding why I couldn’t breastfeed!

I discovered it had nothing to do with:

  • My nipple shape
  • Baby’s mouth being too small
  • My baby being too stubborn
  • Positioning during nursing

Contrary to common advice, my baby wasn’t “just cluster feeding” or “only using me as a pacifier”.

It  was something I had never considered, something I had never even heard about. Something, I now know gets missed, misdiagnosed, or deliberatly brushed aside by most Physicians and even Lactation Consultants.

It’s something too many moms needlessly struggle with:

My baby had a Tongue and Lip Tie!


“9 out of 10 times, Tongue Ties get misdiagnosed or missed.”

You’re not failling as a new mom!

About 4-10% of babies have tongue and lip ties, which restricts their tongue and lip mobility. This can cause them to struggle immensly with breastfeeding! 

Actually, tongue mobility is important for a whole bunch of things, such as baby’s ability to eat solid foods later on in life, proper speech development, as well as good dental health. But for now, let’s just keep our focus on getting breastfeeding on track.

The breastfeeding struggles you’ve been experiencing don’t mean that you are doing something wrong, or that there is some sort of breastfeeding technique out there that you haven’t “cracked” yet.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not able to breastfeed successfully, because you absolutely can! And it certainly does NOT mean that you are not a good mom!

It’s just that nobody has told you yet whether a tongue and lip tie may be causing your breastfeeding problems.

Let me show you the tests you can do right now to identify if your precious baby has a tongue and lip-tie. Not only will I walk you through the tests step by step, but I will also share with you the #1 tool, that I use to help moms just like you.



Download my Guide to find out if your baby has a tongue or lip tie.

I’ll also share the #1 tool, that I use help moms just like you! 

Download my guide to find out right now if your baby has a tongue or lip tie.

I'll also share the #1 tool, that I use help moms just like you!

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